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 What are your 2020 Camp Dates and Fees?

Our next event is our upcoming College ID Camp  to be held on April 26, 2020.

 How do I register?

Click on myonlinecamp "Register Now" buttons and sign up online.

 When does Registration Open?

Registration  is now live.

 Is there a Registration Deadline?

July 14th, 2017 – 3:00pm

 Do I have to pay in full or can I submit a deposit?

1) Full Payment:  Pay in full at time of online registration with credit card.

 Will I receive a confirmation e-mail?

Immediately after you sign up for camp you will receive a confirmation e-mail and receipt.

 Can I print off a Registration Form and pay with a check?

No, the online registration is the only way to sign up for camp.

 What is your refund policy?

If campers are forced to withdraw before the start of camp due to injury, illness, or family emergencies, partial refunds of the full price of camp, minus a 6% transaction fee will be granted by the Camp Director.

  Does my child need to bring a soccer ball?

No, we provide all the soccer balls at camp.

 Do I need to have my child get a physical?

A physical is not required for camp, however the online registration requires medical background and liability waiver.

 Do I need to fill out any additional medical/insurance forms?

No, all the medical/insurance information is collected in the online registration process.

 Do you have the capability to handle my son's food allergies in your dining hall?

Yes, each year we have campers with food allergies who work with the Dining Staff at Brockport to enable them to eat the cafeteria food.   If you wish to speak with someone about options within the cafeteria we will provide you with the appropriate contact information.

 How are teams organized? Can my son be with his friends?

We work hard to make sure campers are with their friends, and although it is not guaranteed we offer a “Teammate Request” option on the registration form.

 Can my son’s entire team be together on the same camp team?

We want all of our campers to have a positive experience and as a result limit the number of players from the same club team to be on a camp team.  Depending on how many players from the same club team sign up for camp we will keep them in groups of 3-5.

 Are health professionals available in case of an injury or illness?

Yes, we have certified Athletic Trainers that are available at camp.

 Do you have specific training for Goalkeepers?

Yes, we have an excellent program for goalkeepers at of our camp.  Be sure to indicate your desire to have your son train as a goalkeeper at camp on the registration form.

 Do you offer Discounts?

Yes, we have the following discounts available:

 Family Discount

A family discount of $30.00 is given to additional siblings who registers for our  Resident Camp.

Top Housing Questions

 Do the dorms have air conditioning?

No, all of our dorm rooms do  not have air conditioning. You are welcome to bring a fan if you wish.

 Are the dorms monitored?

Yes, we are very careful in monitoring campers in their dorm rooms. We have 2-4 Staff Members stay on each floor during camp and hold floor meetings in the evening. Dorms are also monitored during the afternoons and evenings when campers are in the dorm during free time.

 Can I choose my roommate?

Yes, if you have another camper you would like to room with at Resident Camp please make sure they list your name as their "Roommate Request". We cannot honor roommate requests from only one of the two parties. PLEASE make sure ahead of time you have contacted the other party and they are committed to coming to camp as well.

 What if I do not have a roommate request?

If you do not request a roommate you will be paired with another camper of similar age who does not have a roommate.

 Can Friends/Teams/Groups room near each other?

If you have two or more rooms of campers that would like to be housed near each other please indicate that in the "Near Roommates" section of the online registration.

 What if the roommate I requested doesn't register or withdraws from camp?

If your requested roommate doesn't register for camp or withdraws for some reason you will be placed with another camper of a similar grade who is in need of a roommate as well.

 Are 9th Graders on the same floor as 12th Graders?

No, dorm floors are separated by similar grade.

 Do the rooms have a refrigerator or ice machines?

No, the rooms do not have a refrigerator, but campers are able to bring their own small fridge.  There are no ice machines in the dorms, but Athletic Trainers can provide ice to injured campers at the fields.

 Can I bring a TV and Game Console?

Yes, campers are allowed to bring a TV and Game Console for their dorm room to use during free time.