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Special Events Recreation Center

The College at Brockport is home to 23 men’s and women’s varsity sports, and features facilities that rank among the best in both the area and the state. The latest and potentially greatest addition to the list of top-notch facilities at Brockport was completed in July 2012.

Situated along the parking lots adjacent to the Tuttle North Physical Education facility, the Special Events Recreation Center (SERC) is a $44 million, 156,000 square-foot, multi-use complex with a seating capacity of 5,500. The state-of-the-art, three-story facility will feature an indoor track, a brand-new fitness center and weight room, and indoor training and practice areas for softball, baseball and tennis, plus an indoor throwing cage for Brockport shot put and discus throwers. For the first time in college history, Brockport will have a place for home indoor track and field meets, as the SERC will host Golden Eagle varsity meets.

There are three different developmental aspects of the SERC: The Event Center/House of Fields, the fitness/wellness area and a support area. The Event Center/House of Fields is a 60,00 square-foot multi-purpose space capable of hosting indoor track and field events, concerts and speakers. There will be 3,650 retractable/fixed seats in the facility which, along with nearly 2,000 portable chairs located at floor-level will allow more than 5,500 spectators to take in Brockport sporting events.

Recreationally, the fitness/wellness area will consist of cardiovascular machines, free weights and strength-circuit training areas, as well as a multi-purpose exercise room. The support areas include a concessions area and ticket sales windows.

The SERC is also be used for on-campus concerts, commencements and community activities.